“Never seen before products made available to you in the form of comprehensive easy plans, that anyone can build by yourself. Amazing novelties teaching science, bringing new ways for a rational energy use and new forms of transportation.”

This site was created with the purpose to divulge my work and make my inventions accessible to the world in such a way that everyone can take part in the creative process, here you will find some of my inventions available in form of comprehensive plans.

The licensing process is regulated by commercial laws and many good inventions never reach the market just because they don´t will sell enough to cover the costs of development, patenting and marketing, so the general public is private from some good solutions and products. Here is showed a different approach to commercialize an invention – detailed building instructions are made available to everyone so you can build your own product and use it, the costs for these plans are much less than if the product was produced and you also could have the satisfaction to made some innovative stuff by yourself. This process allow an immediate distribution for the plans in an electronic download way, enabling worldwide coverage. The plans are elaborated having the DIY enthusiast in mind, but also in such way that any person with some knowledge in working with common tools is able to complete the plans. The techniques that are used in the building process was developed to make me possible to build my prototypes inside my apartment spending as little money as possible.

Besides the plans for exclusive devices, as they are original inventions, some simple projects – also exclusive – are made available free of charge, and are intended to help the understanding of the physics of the main projects plans. The pages for this free projects may contain some publicity links or Ads. With these plans you can construct a product for your proper use, it´s not intended to be construct to be sold. If you believe that any of the products showed here can be manufactured by you and sold in large quantity, please enter in contact for a licensing agreement.

Isaias DaSilva