Vortex Gun


An amazing device to produce smoke rings and doughnut shaped air blasts, this vortex generator is all solid state and is mechanically trigged so you can hang it and release the vortex blast with precision how many times do you want. It is very robust being constructed with MDF wood and PVC tube, the plans are easy to follow and brings all the information you need to construct your very own portable vortex cannon, including 3D CAD figures, exploded views and drawings with dimensions.


The vortex is produced when air is forced through an circular aperture, the air in the core moves with less velocity than the surrounding air that are in contact with the inner rim, this makes the air to revolve over itself creating a doughnut shaped ring. When the blast ceases the created vortex wave detach from the aperture with high velocity and could reach long distances as it moves with a minimum friction loss. If some kind of smoke, as the produced by a fog machine, is introduced inside the tube of the Vortex Generator the ring became visible producing an astounding visual effect. In many commercial devices the air blast is produced with a flexible material like plastic bag on the end of a tube that has a hole at the other extremity, but with this innovative design a solid piston compresses the air and forces it through the aperture producing a vigorous blast. The propulsive energy comes from an elastic mechanism equipped with a trigger that enable a quick release, what liberates the vortex ring with high velocity and energy.

An easy to follow downloadable DIY plans to construct a portable Vortex Ring Launcher. The plans includes detailed instructions about parts construction, montage and materials, with colorful 3D CAD figures, exploded views and many pictures. Drawings showing the dimensions and tips to make the building process accessible to anyone with little woodworking skills.


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